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In the case of fire: first me, second me

giugno 30, 2009

“Sono sopralavorato: I’m overworked”
diceva un mio collega inglese, tanti anni fa.

In questi giorni sono io ad essere sempre in giro per lavoro; trascuro il blog, ma ci riporto le mie piccole scoperte.

Di solito non rido del cattivo inglese degli altri, ma un cartello in hotel mi ha fatto rotolare.

C’era a fianco the source, ossia il testo italiano (interpunzione originale).


In the case of fire

Remember that the most efficacious measure of prevention of all fire is the your continual attention.

In the case of fire behave you:

To be calm

Not use the elevator;

Inform unpremeditatedly [starebbe per “immediatamente”] the responsible of the security, telephoning at the number…

Close behind you doors and windows and direct oneself towards the security exit (see the plan enclosed)

Not break doors and windows, for not feed the fire with the oxygen of the air

Assure oneself, befor open the doors and windows, that not to be heat

Controller attentively the presence of fissure, that horizontal are most dangerous of vertical fissure, becouse indicate that the tack are hasten verse outside;

Not carry the personal subject, risking of remain entramp or of rallenting the evacuation;

Not re-enter into the evacuation area befor that the return is authorize of the attaché of ready intervention.